Our Commitment

We commit to save our planet for future generations by consciously moving away from fossil fuels & build infrastructure to generate
Clean Green Renewable Sustainable energy and reduce carbon footprint

Energy Consultancy

We provide consultancy & advisory services across all major renewable energy technologies, such as Solar (PV and Thermal), Wind, Waste-to-Energy (W2E). We have tie-ups with Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) players to cater to our clients needs, whose requirements vary from <50 Kw to >1 Mw. Our EPC partners have implemented Solar projects across India, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia & Africa region.

Our clientele includes Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace & Defence establishments, Educational institutions, Financial institutions.

Our services include detailed analysis & market trends on:

Renewable & Sustainable Energy

Energy consumption has increased over the years and meeting this energy needs through traditional hydro, coal, gas & nuclear energy is a formidable feat. Also providing adequate energy in a sustainable manner and at competitive prices is a challenge. Persistent electricity shortages leading to frequent power outages have been identified as a key bottleneck in sustaining constant growth.

Why Solar?
Affordability – It is pretty clear that renewable energy is more than price competitive with traditional energy sources such as hydro, coal, gas, and nuclear. Past trends indicate increase in energy tariffs in the range of 5-6% annually, if this trend continues at the current rate, businesses will be stressed & survivability will be a question.

Contact us to generate clean, green & sustainable energy to save the environment & save cost

Energy Management & Optimization

  1. Conduct detailed energy audits and technology studies
  2. Measure, Monitor & Manage intensive energy consuming devices
  3. Substantially reduce your energy intensity in the long term through Machine Learning & Big Data Analytics
  4. Benchmark energy consumption pattern & performance across the sector
  5. Put in place efficient systems and processes to progressively and systematically bring down energy consumption and costs
  6. Explore Renewable energy sources, technologies & implement alternative and renewable energy solutions
  7. Strengthen the EMO implementation by strategic planning, detailed energy review, long term technology roadmap

Contact us to assess your energy consumption pattern & optimization options

Energy Storage Solutions

Energy storage has many benefits. It is particularly important for the development and integration of renewable energy technologies. Some renewable energy sources have intermittent generation trends, meaning that electricity is only produced when the sun is shining or when the wind is blowing, in reality the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow and sometimes there is more renewable energy available than there is demand for electricity. To solve both issues, utilities and renewable energy providers are depending more and more on batteries/storage solutions that store excess electricity and then used to meet during peak demand.

Lithium-ion batteries may not be the perfect solution but they are the best option available at the moment. However, these batteries storing energy generated from the renewable energy have a clear advantage over traditional hydro, coal, gas & nuclear energy.

Energy storage systems have traditionally been very expensive and not economically viable on a commercial scale. In the recent past, technological improvements in energy storage systems have decreased the costs and improved wide applications. 

  • Large Scale --> Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution
  • Medium Scale --> Commercial & Industrial, Microgrid
  • Small Scale --> Residential

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