An Intelligent Tyre Management & Monitoring System


Tyre is the only component in a vehicle that is in direct contact with the road, and maintains the stability of the vehicle while it is stationary or in motion. A healthy tyre ensures safety of the vehicle, driver, pedestrians and the goods it carries and it also saves money as tyres are the next expensive component compared to the fuel cost for commercial vehicles. Transporters, Fleet owners and operators also benefit due to improved uptime & run time of the vehicles.

In addition, this system helps in traceability of the tyre throughout its life cycle, it enables lower fuel consumption & increased mileage from each tyre by ensuring the correct pressure and temperature are maintained & monitored.  

Transporters, Fleet owners and operators face the challenge of managing & maintenance of tyres, as it involves manual effort to enter details in excel worksheets with potential data capture errors or the existing computer systems are too cumbersome to use or do not meet their requirements.

TYREMAN – an Intelligent Tyre Management & Monitoring System helps in managing the tyres right from supplier receipts, capture invoice details, inwarding them into the storage locations with proper Tyre ID / Sl. no & storage location for easy identification & retrieval, tyre requisition & allocation with vehicle & axle mapping, tyre retread history & management, tyre disposition management etc.  

The next step is the ‘connected tyres’ module that will have location tracking, monitoring tyre pressure and temperature in real time that can be monitored through an app, this information will help both the driver and the owner to identify potential slow punctures and avoid possible tyre bursts that may lead to unplanned stops and related high costs.

Highlights of Tyre Management System:

Management features:

  • Tyre Inwards / Receipt – New / Retread
  • Tyre Storage – New / Retread / Disposition
  • Tyre Requisition – New / Retread
  • Tyre Allocation – New / Retread / Recommendation (Steering Wheel / Drive Wheel)
  • Tyre Retread
  • Tyre Disposition
  • Tyre Rotation / Swapping

Alerts / Notifications:

  • Renewal alert - Permit / Insurance / Tax / Fitness Check / Driving License etc
  • Tyre intelligence – KMs Run / Remaining Life / Retread Alert / Disposition Alert etc


  • Tyre Stock Report
  • Tyre Requisition Report
  • Tyre Allocation Report
  • Tyre Returns Report
  • Tyre Storage Report
  • Tyre Replacement Report
  • Tyre Retread Report
  • Tyre History
  • Tyre History – Tyre ID / Sl. No / Vehicle / Purchase Date / Tyre Rotation / Tyre Swapping / Retread history / Disposition etc


  • Tyre Run (KM) based on
    • Tyre ID / Sl No
    • New
    • Retread
    • Vehicle Type
    • Vehicle No / Axle No
    • Tyre Pattern
    • Date Range
    • Route intelligence
  • Predictive Analysis based on
    • Tyre Type
    • Tyre Pattern
    • Route Intelligence etc

Sample Screens